Creating MySQL Database

Before you can use a MySQL database you need to create it and a user to access it. You can do this from your Hosting control panel. When you create a database and username your Hosting control panel automatically prefixes them with your Hosting control panel username. Follow the steps below, replacing “user” with your Hosting control panel username.

  1. Login to your Hosting control panel 
  2. Click “MySQL Databases” 
  3. Next to “Db:” type a database name (e.g. “db”) and click “Add Db” 
  4. Return to the “MySQL Databases” page 
  5. Under “Users” type a username (e.g. “me”) and a password and click “Add User” 
  6. Return to the “MySQL Databases” page 
  7. Select the newly created user (e.g. “user_me”) and the newly created database (e.g. “user_db”) and click “Add User to Db” 
  8. Add '%' to access hosts, this will allow the users to connect to the database 

Now use the following details to connect to the database:
  1. Server: localhost
  2. User: user_me
  3. Database: user_db
  4. Password: The password you entered when you created user_me

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