How does the FREE domain name offer work?

You are entitled to a free domain name per web hosting plan that you have with Magik Hosting.

If have recently registered you may choose your free domain name when you join up with Magik Hosting, it will automatically be processed as a free domain. 

If you are transferring your website to Magik Hosting and have an already existing domain then we will contact you shortly after registration to discuss your free domain name offer.

Please note the following conditions:

  1. Limited to ',,, .com, .net., and .org. No other domains apply
  2. Domain names must to transferred to our registration services.
  3. External registrar services do not apply. If you're currently in an registration term, we will continue the offer during the next registration cycle (.au domains only)
  4. Applies only to the website hosting plan, email hosting plan excluded.
  5. Limit of 1 domain per website hosting plan If the website hosting term is terminated the renewal offer also terminates.
  6. .au free domains require a minimum hosting commitment of 2 years

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