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Article Can I pay by check or bank transfer?
We accept bank transfer only. You may make bank transfer payments within 48hrs of purchase to:...
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Article Can I see some of the websites you host?
Unfortunately, we are unable to list our clients. We respect our clients privacy as much as we...
Views: 748
Article Do you accept PayPal?
Yes. We do. Credit Cards and Bank Tranfer are better, but we will still use PayPal
Views: 786
Article Do you give non-profit or educational discounts?
We certainly do! Please contact us to discuss your non profit and educational needs.
Views: 745
Article Does Magik Hosting do regular backups of my account?
Yes, we perform backups on all accounts. A nightly backup to dedicated backup servers. But don't...
Views: 810
Article Does Magik Hosting offer custom packages?
In general, yes. Magik Hosting does allow you to custom build a plan, however, we have packages...
Views: 838
Article Does Magik Hosting offer unlimited bandwidth?
No. There is no such thing. Anyone who offers you "unlimited bandwidth" is not telling you the...
Views: 789
Article How long has Magik Hosting been in business?
Magik Hosting opened its doors in the 2002. Since then, we've grown to be one of the most...
Views: 1474
Article How long will it take to setup my new account?
Once your order is submitted, our system will automatically run a series of fraud tests to verify...
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Article How much will I be billed upon signup?
Upon signup, you will be charged for your first contract period. For example, if you purchase...
Views: 769
Article How soon will my account be set up and ready for use?
Your account will be set up instantly*. You will receive an email with your account information,...
Views: 749
Article I want to buy a domain name without hosting. Is that possible?
Yes, you may purchase a domain name without ordering a Hosting Plan, but we do encourage you to...
Views: 927
Article I'm confused or having trouble with the ordering process. Who should I contact for assistance?
If you're having trouble ordering, let us help! You can contact our sales department at...
Views: 1005
Article If I'm not satisfied, will you give me a full refund?
We like knowing that our customers are happy. If for some reason you're not satisfied with our...
Views: 819
Article Is your network fast and reliable?
Yes, and we plan on keeping it that way. Magik Hostings servers are connected to an extremely...
Views: 770
Article My order wasn't setup immediately. What should I do?
In the event that your account wasn't setup immediately, you may find that your order has been...
Views: 772
Article My website gets a lot of traffic. Will this be a problem?
Generally speaking, no. However, this usually depends on the nature of your website. If you are...
Views: 857
Article What credit cards does Magik Hosting accept?
We currently only accept Visa and Mastercard.
Views: 819
Article What if I need more space and bandwidth?
If you need additional space and bandwidth and it doesn't require more than double your current...
Views: 723
Article What is Fantastico? What Fantastico scripts do you run?
What is Fantastico? Fantastico is a program created by which...
Views: 7185
Article What version of cPanel are you using?
We always use the latest stable version of cPanel.
Views: 759
Article Will Magik Hosting match a competitor's price?
No. Pay peanuts, get monkeys! But we're also not a company that can rollover at any given...
Views: 754
Article Will you send me spam? Do you have a privacy policy?
No. We're quite against spam. It's among the worst things ever created. If you're a...
Views: 754
Article Will You Transfer My Current Site Over To Magik Hosting?
Absolutely! Magik Hosting is proud to have you as part of our hosting family so rest assured that...
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