How can I reduce the amount of Spam I receive?

Here are some ways to reduce the Spam received within your hosted email accounts.

:Default Address:

It is recommended that the 'default address' within your hosting account be set to ':fail: No Such User Here'. The default account is designed to receive (misaddressed) email sent to any address which is not set up as an account. Because most Spam is sent to randomly generated addresses at a particular domain, it is best to avoid receiving default account emails. Create specific email accounts eg: via the 'Mail' > 'Manage/Add/remove accounts' sections of Cpanel, then set the default address to ':fail: No Such User Here' via the 'Mail' > 'Default Address' sections of your hosting account Cpanel.

:Spam Assassin:

Your Hosting account includes some SPAM filtering software called SpamAssassin. Spam Assassin uses a wide range of algorithms to determine whether an email is Spam. You can enable SpamAssassin within the 'Mail' section of your hosting Cpanel. You have two options for how to deal with the SPAM messages, you can either:

- set up SpamAssassin to add a 'flag' to the subject of each email eg: **SPAM** You then configure a filter within your own mail software to direct any email containing **SPAM** in the subject line to be sent to your deleted items folder, or another folder of your choice for perusal.


- Set up SpamAssassin and the 'Spam Box'. The 'Spam Box' collects any email determined to be SPAM within a separate mailbox in your hosting account. You will never receive these emails when checking your account within your our PC's mail software. You can check the Spambox by logging into webmail (www.''/webmail). A separate spam folder will be present for each account. The 'Spam Box' must be periodically cleared using the 'clear spam box' option within the SpamAssassin section of Cpanel.

If you need any assistance in setting up your email settings please email us at

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